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Our Programs

Our Programs

Passport to the World Program

PTW is a global engagement program that focuses on three components; global awareness, leadership training, and civic engagement. Girls have the opportunity to participate in  interactive workshops, meetings with experts, team building activities, service learning projects, and local field trips.  

Passport Scholarships

GGG provides girls with the most essential tool for travel-a passport. Committed to the power of a passport we sponsor passports for any girl that participates in our programs as well as any girl that demonstrates a need to participate in any global education program. To learn more email

International Travel Camps

International Travel Camps (ITC) are GGG’s premier global education program that provides girls with the opportunity to see first hand the cultures they learn about. This international travel experience combines education, adventure, and service to create transformational experiences. Locations in the past have included Canada, Costa Rica, Belize, and Peru.


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